How does war affect people and their psyche?

Psyche Psyche old woman

War has the power to captivate and intrigue people but soon drags them into the depths of discomfort and rage. War is deceiving: what once was hope soon becomes prison. Even the lucky ones, whose life was spared, will soon find out that they are condemed to a life lived as a victim. The shock is such that no one can escape - and those who do not lose life will have lost all chances of living a life. They will always be suspended between sorrow and the sensation that nothing else can belong to them and life has no more meaning.

The images I came up with are period photos which I transformed using various printing processes - by photoetching a plate I produced an image and later worked on it with pastels and ink in order to emphasize terror and the permanence of damage or shock that the victims have undergone.
This series comprises about 30 works made in 2003 in Lower East Side studio, New York city. They were then left in a drawer, incomplete, until 2011.

psyche show
Installation of works at "Psyche soul and body" 2011, Castiglione a Casauria - Italy

The art exhibition was accompanied by a video installation Based on peace treaties. It shows politicians talking - the emphasis is on the lips. All of them look emotionless as if they were detatched from this reality - every so often there are flashes of images of those people who did suffer the pain and horrors of war. There are people who are just able to talk about war without proper understanding of it, and those who went through it and understand the consequences but not the meaning.




The hands of Jews inside the cage desperately wait for help. Outside the metal cage other hands in different colours show people of different ethnic origin helplessly trying to help.


Terracotta and metal cage
Year: 2011





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