The musical instruments series

Monoprint - violins
Monoprint, 2001

Rapid, incisive and inesorable brushstrokes characterise these violins and compositions with musical instruments which carry much of Pablo Picasso's strength and power.

The series began in 2009 with a few monotypes printed as tests, and later developed into large-scale prints and huge paintings.

Monoprint_abstract Rhapsody_monoprint Violin and Mandolin


Trombone and violin
Trombone and Violin
Monotype, 2009

Violins monotype
Monotype, 2009

Abstract monoprint
Monotype, 2009
Sitar monoprint
Monotype, 2009
oil painting violins

Musical Dimension
Oil on canvas

60 x 80 cm
year: 2004




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