Colleen Corradi Brannigan

After obtaining her diploma in fine art, and her degree in Languages, the artist developed and refined her skills by attending the best schools and workshops in Europe and in the United States. However, a major role was played by those artists of international fame she met and with whom she had the pleasure to work with.

Attending the Art Students League in New York was certainly decisive; after specializing in etching and other intaglio techniques, she was a full time artist working in Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, where she met several reknown artists. It was during these years that she obtained some of the prizes and recognition that later led her works into some public and private collections.

Her infinite desire of renovation leads the artist to constantly search and experiment with new materials by alternating techniques and by using several media (oils, acrilycs, egg tempera, watercolors and inks). Meeting artists and travelling to distant places heavily influenced her work too as she constantly keeps up to date with the art scene. An evolution of her technique is in the use of several media on the same surface to obtain glossy effects that otherwise could not be obtained. This continuous evolution leads to her recent attention and sensitivity that the artist shows through her architectural elements. Also within her use of colors there is a preference for black and white, colors mostly used by the artist in her composition as well as the inclusion of red.
By using these colored elements, one can see the will of the artist to highlight them by accentuating the vibrations coming from the contrast of the whole and nothing, represented by the colors black and white, and the power that these elements often represent the key for analizing her compositions.

The Artist at OM Workshop - Tokyo


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